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~Keiko Asatoolyflar 23.Dec.03 04:11 AM a Web browser
Domino Server 6.0.2 CF2 iSeries

I cannot send email to a Foreign Domain such as "@Exchange". We are converting 1000 users from Exchange 98 to ND6.

For example, I am trying to send an email to user "John Smith" who exists in the Exchange Foreign Domain. I type in the To field "John Smith" and it fails everytime in both Web Mail and iNotes. It works fine on the R6 Notes Client. -I need for this to work now on the Web and resolve to the Foreign Domain automatically without using the Address Picker or typing the Foreign Domain manually !!!

Picking the name from the Address Picker is not an option due to a 6 month Exchange/Domino co-existance period. We modified the mail template address field translation formulas to strip out domains such as "@Exchange" when replying to old emails so it will reply properly to the newly converted Lotus Notes name alias (former Exchange user name). Sounds simple, right ? But it does not work during the co-existance period!

Why the template modification ?

To support replying to old email of former Exchange users who were converted to Notes. For example, I might reply to an old email sent from "John Smith@Exchange", but he is now "John Smith/US/IBM@NotesDomino" and his Notes alias is John Smith.

I think the problem exists with the @OptimizeMailAddress function which does not work on the web with Foreign Domains!

I coded the translation formula to perform a foreign domain lookup to the Domino Directory, but it only supports 30 recipients unless I duplicate my code like Agent Smith in Matrix 2. :)



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